Class 20 Explore being healthy

Class 20 Explore being healthy

This half term, Class 20 have been exploring what it means to be healthy. 

We have been identifying lots of different types of food that are healthy and unhealthy to eat.   We have been sampling these food groups  for ourselves. Just to see which ones we like and dislike.  On our list of foots to try were, apple slices, baby corn, chocolate biscuits , carrot sticks with hummus, Haribo sweets and pineapple chunks.  As you can see from our pictures we certainly had our favorite likes and even some dislikes too!  From the healthy foods, we ate as a class,  our  favorite was the apple slices. Then, from the unhealthy foods it was unsurprising that the most popular choice was chocolate bursitis.   But we know how important it is that these are treat foods and should be eaten in moderation.  

We have enjoyed exploring  being healthy and leading a healthy  lifestyle with a balanced diet.  We are going to try our best to eat more fruit and vegetables during the day.

We hope you like our pictures and look forward to seeing your comments.   

Matt & the class 20 team.