Covid 19 Update

Covid 19 Update

I hope that this update finds you all well.

As you will have heard, all pupils will be returning to school in September, however there are still strict guidelines to follow in order to protect pupils and staff.  I am therefore in the process of updating our procedures and Covid-19 risk assessment.

Due to our increase in numbers and expansion we have also been recruiting new teachers and support staff.  Now that the recruitment process is nearly completed, we can put the finishing touches to the school organisation for September.  Where possible, pupils are in the same class with at least one familiar member of staff.  Due to pupils leaving and new pupils being admitted, this has not been possible everywhere.   

Next week we will send out information about your child’s class and staff for September.  We will also include a social story about returning to school and Covid-19.  Where pupils have moved classes, teachers will have time during the first two days of term to pass on information.  Pupils will return to school (site 1 and site 2) on Wednesday 9th September.  The start date for the Broadwood site pupils are to be confirmed.

We will not be running our summer scheme in the usual way this year.  The summer scheme will be for identified pupils and those families will receive a phone call in the next few days.  We hope that the scheme will be funded by the Best Summer Ever/Street Games.

I will keep you updated about any further developments as they arise.

Best wishes